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  • Polyethylene Earthwork film AKD-303
  • Polyethylene Earthwork film AKD-303

Polyethylene Earthwork film AKD-303

Product introduction:Polyethylene geomorphic membrane is a thin film (anti -seepage film) of polyethylene particles.
Implementation standards:
Contact number:19139977929

Product Details

Product Categories:

1. AKD-303A Environmental Protection Ethylene Ethylene Film

2. AKD-303B Environmental Protection Rough Facial Polyethylene Earthwork

Product Features:

1. Reactive and drainage effects are integrated, and at the same time, it has functions such as isolation and reinforcement.

2. Significantly wide, reduce construction overlap, and reduce the risk of water seepage.

3. The anti -seepage effect is excellent and suitable for high -standard anti -seepage projects.

4, good aging resistance, wide range of environmental temperature, stable quality.


1. Garbage landfill project.

2. Mining engineering.

3. Artificial lakes, fish ponds, septic tanks and other projects.

4. Projects such as coastal beaches, reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.

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