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  • Hot melt polyester filament geotextile AKD-301C
  • Hot melt polyester filament geotextile AKD-301C

Hot melt polyester filament geotextile AKD-301C

Product introduction:Hot-melt polyester filament geotextile is a geotextile formed by hot-melt drawing and needle punching of polyester slices.
Implementation standards:GB/T 17639-2008
Contact number:19139977929

Product Details

Product features:

1. Can play a role in isolation

It can isolate soil layers composed of different components and properties for a long time and prevent mixing.

2. Having good anti filtration and anti-corrosion properties

Water can penetrate in all directions without accumulating pressure. At the same time, it can prevent soil erosion, which is beneficial for stability and anti-corrosion performance.

3. Has reliable drainage performance

Due to its fluffiness, it can effectively control the drainage of the surface of geotechnical engineering.

4. Has good protective performance

Due to its excellent puncture, elongation, and fluffiness, it can effectively protect the waterproof layer from potential mechanical damage.

5. Has reinforcement performance

High strength improves the overall stability of the project and enhances the bearing capacity of the base layer.

Product application:

1. Reverse filtration of water conservancy engineering embankments and slope protection, isolation and anti-seepage of channels.

2. Basic isolation, filtration, drainage, and reinforcement for highways, railways, airport runways, etc.

3. Soft foundation treatment for port engineering, reinforcement and drainage of beach embankments, harbor docks, and breakwaters.

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