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  • Composite geomembrane series AKD-302
  • Composite geomembrane series AKD-302

Composite geomembrane series AKD-302

Product introduction:The composite geo -film film is an impervious material formed by the heating of the geo -fabric and the geomorphic membrane through heating.
Implementation standards:
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Product Details

Product Categories:

Short fiber acupuncture composite soil film AKD-302A

Hot melting polyester long silk composite soil artiflo film AKD-302B

Product Features:

1. High physical performance indicators such as tensile, tear resistance, and top breaking are high.

2. Good resistance to aging.

3. Strong acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. Good anti -seepage and drainage performance.


1. Water conservancy projects: reservoir, artificial lake, dam, channels, shores, coffin and water diversion projects.

2. Municipal environmental protection: garbage landfills, electric plants fly ash landfills, slag landfills, sewage treatment plants, etc.

3. Highway and railway: road maintenance, roadbed reinforcement and water anti -discharge.

4. Agricultural and aquatic products: biogas, breeding pools, cricket ponds, etc.

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